All clubs come assembled with Apollo shafts, which have been around for over 150 years. Our Universal shaft stiffness is a hybrid between the typical Stiff or Regular options you’ll find on other clubs.  This combination provides a unique blend of control and feel that suits a wider range of players without feeling too stiff or too ‘whippy’.  As Goldilocks would say, “These are juuuust right.”

All clubs come with a custom designed Byrdie Golf Designs grip from the manufacturer. They range from regular to midsize depending on the collection.

A muscle back iron sits in between a true blade iron and cavity back. Our muscle back irons feature a larger than traditional blade design, giving you the forgiveness of a cavity back, with the control and finesse of a blade iron. Best of both worlds? We think so.

Created for golfers of all skill levels, our cavity back irons are even more forgiving than our muscle back irons. The back of the clubhead is hollowed out, creating a cavity. This removes weight from behind the center of the clubface, producing increased perimeter weighting, giving you a larger "sweet spot". If you are looking to get into golf or to improve your game, check out our cavity back irons.

Quite well actually. We have done extensive product testing comparing BGD to big box brands and have come out favorable in distance, control and forgiveness. We will continue to show comparisons in all our collections so you can have the most up to date data available.


We ship UPS ground and most orders are delivered in 7 days or less. We always have inventory and take pride in getting you the product quick and efficiently.

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We are a direct to consumer golf club brand with very limited over head, marketing and staff. Our mission is to make golf more accessible and affordable to everyone that wishes to get into the game. We create performance driven, high end designs that don’t break the bank.

Yes, we require you to be an existing customer before becoming an ambassador. As an ambassador, you receive commissions, bonuses, free Swag and clubs as you sell and hit your quota. Email our Club Pilot for details on how to become an ambassador.

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